Link Building

Link building is considered as one of the best SEO strategy, it refers to the process of acquiring hyperlinks from another website to your website. Link building is considered as the important step of SEO process. Link building is needed by all the business owners and marketers in order to increase their site’s authority and to drive referral links. It should be quoted that sites with more backlinks tend to earn higher rankings. It is important to remember that in order to achieve high organic search ranking, link building is the strategy that plays an important role. If you want to improve your website rank on the Google then link building is the best option to go with. The main of link building process is to acquire more and more links to your website. Content too plays a key role in the link building process. Quality is the main concern over quantity, thus the quality is focused by the Google.

Some link signals that are used by the search engines are:
1. Global popularity
2. Anchor text
3. Local/ Topic-specific popularity
4. Forum posting
5. TrustRank
6. Social sharing
7. Freshness