Link Building

Link building is considered as one of the best SEO strategy, it refers to the process of acquiring hyperlinks from another website to your website. Link building is considered as the important step of SEO process. Link building is needed by all the business owners and marketers in order to increase their site’s authority and to drive referral links. It should be quoted that sites with more backlinks tend to earn higher rankings. It is important to remember that in order to achieve high organic search ranking, link building is the strategy that plays an important role. If you want to improve your website rank on the Google then link building is the best option to go with. The main of link building process is to acquire more and more links to your website. Content too plays a key role in the link building process. Quality is the main concern over quantity, thus the quality is focused by the Google.

Some link signals that are used by the search engines are:
1. Global popularity
2. Anchor text
3. Local/ Topic-specific popularity
4. Forum posting
5. TrustRank
6. Social sharing
7. Freshness

The two important rules that should be followed in the process of link building are:

1) The main aim is to create quality and valuable content.
2) Through the right channel, content should be reached in front of the right people.
It can be concluded that to get high-quality backlinks and to improve SEO, unique and valuable content is required. To create linkable content is one of the most effective way that brings value to your target audiences.
Link building for SEO process is important as it is considered as the important factor for improving the Search Engine Optimization process. Link building is the major factor in the process that how Google ranks web pages. Google states that “Ranking of sites can be improved by their webmastersby increasing the number of high quality sites that link to their pages.”
It’s very basic to make you understand that why link building is important. Some omitted key factors are:
a) Content optimization and SEO of the respective sites
b) The anchor text of the incoming links
c) Authority and trust of the linking pages